Pet Session

My dog is so special to me. I can't imagine not having documentation of her growth and impact on my life. The funny thing is, I never realize that I am also recording my own chapter in life; my dog just happens to be experiencing it with me.


Why Pet Portraits

As an avid animal lover, I relate to pet owners and how much they love their fur friends. My dog is my best friend, so having photographs of her to document our journey is a must. I provide pet photography for many reasons: becoming a new pet owner, graduations, engagements, or if you simply want photo documentation of your pet(s). No matter the reason, I would love to forge memorable photographs of your buddy.

I understand that dogs may be anxious around strangers, get excited outdoors, or can be distracted easily. To determine details about the session, I require an in-person meeting with your pet before the shoot. This way, I get to know your pet better and will not be a stranger. Your animal's health and well-being are my top priority, so if they show signs of high stress around me or the camera, we may discuss further options.


To show my appreciation for animals, I provide a 10% discount for all photography sessions with your pets included. They will not have to be present throughout the entire session. Pet sessions are not limited to cats and dogs.